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Hazmat Certified - Hazmat Trucking Materials
Need to transport hazmat materials? No problem! We are certified by Department of Transportation to provide safe and guaranteed deliveries.
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Oilfield Trucking - A Trusted Resource For Oil Refineries
A trusted resource to the oilfield industry. From machinery parts to rolling equipment, we provide delivery services that transport the items you need!
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Flatbed Delivery - Trucking For Steel Pipe, Mesh, Heavy Machinery & More
For smaller loads or side loading, we offer flatbed trailers that make for convenient loading and delivery for you – Ask about rates today!
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Hotshot Trucking Service

Guaranteed On-Call Deliveries

We understand that time is of the essence. That’s why we offer expedited trucking services to ensure you get your delivery when you need it.

Oilfield Trucking

Equipment & Personnel Transportation

We have a reliable service for any of your transportation needs in the oilfield. From equipment delivery to personnel transportation, we have the trucks to do it.

Flatbed Trucking Transportation

Experienced Flatbed Drivers

Do you have steel or metal raw materials that need to be moved? We can help you with our flatbed delivery service.

HazMat Trucking Service

We Can Handle Most Hazardous Materials

Our drivers are certified to safely transport hazardous materials. You can trust us to help with your hazmat delivery needs.

Texas Trucking Services

Industrial Equipment Storage & Truck Parking

We have space to safely and securely store industrial equipment, including cranes and other heavy machinery. You also can use our lot to park your semi-trucks. Come and go as you please with great competitive rates.


Trucking and hot shot services with guaranteed
on-time delivery. Our fleet of drivers are dedicated
to providing superior service and competitive pricing.

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  • Silver Star Express
  • Lampson Crane
  • buildproplus


Legend Transport has offers superior service for all of our freight delivery needs. From the setup to delivery to the paperwork – they make it easy to work with and a integral part to our business success. Always delivered on time and a friendly staff.