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    Dry Van Trucking

    Dry Van Trucking Services in Corpus Christi

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    For dry van delivery in Texas or outside the state, Legend Transport has you covered. Our fleet is experienced dry van truck drivers that can carry loads meant for dry van delivery. From consumer goods to building materials that need an enclosed trailer, we can take on your transportation needs.

    You can expect that we will get the delivery to your destination on time and when you need it. Our dry van trailers are available in a variety of lengths to safely and securely transport your equipment.

    Types of Loads For Dry Van Delivery

    Dry vans, also known as box trailers or enclosed trailers, are commonly used for transporting a wide range of goods in a protected and secure environment. These trailers have solid walls and roofs, offering protection from the elements and ensuring the cargo remains intact during transportation. The following types of loads are best suited for dry van transportation:

    • Retail Merchandise: Items destined for retail stores, including various goods in boxes, cartons, or pallets, are well-suited for dry van transportation.
    • Non-Perishable Goods: Dry vans are ideal for transporting non-perishable goods like canned foods, dry pet food, paper products, and cleaning supplies.
    • Electronics and Appliances: Sensitive electronic equipment and household appliances are better protected from weather and potential damage inside a dry van.
    • Packaged Goods: Goods that are pre-packaged, boxed, or palletized for easy handling and storage are commonly transported in dry vans.
    • Textiles and Apparel: Clothing, fabrics, and other textile products are well-suited for dry van transportation.
    • Building Materials: While some building materials are best transported on flatbeds, smaller, pre-packaged building supplies like tiles, hardware, and flooring can be transported in dry vans.
    • Consumer Packaged Liquids: Non-hazardous liquids packaged in sealed containers, such as bottled beverages, can be transported in dry vans.
    • Plastic and Rubber Products: Various plastic and rubber goods like containers, packaging materials, and household products can be transported using dry vans.
    • Paper Products: Items like printing paper, cardboard boxes, and stationery are suitable for dry van transportation.

    Dry vans offer a secure and weatherproof environment for a wide range of goods, making them one of the most commonly used trailers in the transportation industry. However, it’s important to consider the weight and dimensions of the cargo to ensure it complies with road regulations and the trailer’s weight capacity. Additionally, for temperature-sensitive goods or hazardous materials, specialized trailers such as refrigerated vans or tanker trailers may be more appropriate.

    Contact us today to determine the best type of trailer for your delivery.

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