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    Flatbed Delivery - Trucking For Steel Pipe, Mesh, Heavy Machinery & More

    Flatbed Transportation Services in Corpus Christi

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    Whether your shipment needs side loading/unloading or the delivery location lacks a loading dock, our flatbed transportation has you covered. Our drivers are experienced flatbed drivers that can carry heavy machinery equipment or freight too wide for a lift gate.

    You can expect that we will get the delivery to your destination on time and when you need it. Our flatbed trailers are available in a variety of lengths to safely and securely transport your equipment.

    Types of Loads For Flatbed Transportation Delivery

    Flatbed transportation is commonly used to move large and oversized cargo that cannot fit inside standard enclosed trailers or containers. The open design of flatbed trailers allows for easy loading and unloading from the sides, top, or rear. Several types of loads are well-suited for flatbed transportation, including:

    • Large Machinery and Equipment: Flatbeds are ideal for transporting heavy machinery, construction equipment, and industrial components like bulldozers, excavators, generators, transformers, and industrial boilers.
    • Construction Materials: Items such as lumber, steel beams, concrete pipes, pre-fabricated construction materials, and other bulky construction supplies can be efficiently transported on flatbeds.
    • Pipes and Tubes: Long and large-diameter pipes, tubes, and cylindrical structures used in construction or industrial applications can be easily accommodated on flatbed trailers.
    • Building Materials: Materials like bricks, concrete blocks, and roofing materials that are too heavy or awkwardly shaped for enclosed trailers (dry vans) can be loaded on flatbeds.
    • Agricultural Equipment: Tractors, combines, and other farming equipment can be transported on flatbed trailers, particularly when moving between different agricultural sites.
    • Industrial Components: Various industrial parts, equipment, and machinery components can be safely transported on flatbeds.
    • Heavy and Oversized Cargo: Any items that are too large, wide, or tall for standard trailers can be carried on flatbeds, provided they can be secured properly.
    • Palletized Goods: While typically associated with enclosed trailers, palletized goods can also be transported on flatbeds if properly secured and protected from the elements.
    • Tanks and Containers: Large tanks, containers, and other bulk items used in various industries can be transported on flatbeds.

    It is important to note that regardless of the load type, proper load securing is essential to ensure safe transportation. Flatbed trailers offer versatility and flexibility, making them a popular choice for many types of cargo that cannot be transported using standard enclosed trailers (Dry Vans).

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    Flatbed Trailer Types & Weight Capacity

    Gooseneck Trailer Load Capacity

    15,000 Max Weight

    Gooseneck Trailer

    Single Drop Trailer Load Capacity

    45,000 Max Weight

    Flatbed or Single Drop Trailer

    Double Drop Trailer Load Capacity

    80,000 Max Weight

    Double Drop Trailer

    Call (361) 510-0166 For A Free Quote on Flat Bed Delivery!