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    Heavy Haul Transportation

    Heavy Haul Transportation Services in Corpus Christi

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    Whether you need a delivery for an over-sized load or specialized equipment, we have the experience and equipment to meet your heavy haul transportation needs. Our drivers are experienced in delivering loads that exceeds the legal limits of standard transportation equipment.

    You can expect that we will get the delivery to your destination on time and when you need it. Call us to determine the which transportation equipment is needed for your load.

    Types of Loads For Heavy Haul Transportation

    Heavy haul transportation services specialize in moving extremely large, heavy, and oversized loads that exceed the legal limits of standard transportation equipment. These loads require specialized equipment and permits to ensure safe and legal transportation. The types of loads commonly transported by heavy haul transportation services include:

    • Construction Equipment: Large and heavy construction machinery, such as cranes, bulldozers, excavators, and backhoes, often require heavy haul transportation.
    • Industrial Machinery: Heavy manufacturing equipment, presses, stamping machines, and other industrial machinery fall into the category of heavy haul loads.
    • Mining Equipment: Equipment used in mining operations, such as draglines, loaders, and haul trucks, are often transported using heavy haul services.
    • Oil and Gas Equipment: Large components for the oil and gas industry, including rigs, drilling equipment, and refinery vessels, require heavy haul transportation.
    • Power Generation Equipment: Heavy generators, transformers, turbines, and other power generation equipment are common heavy haul loads.
    • Aerospace Components: Oversized aerospace components, like aircraft fuselages and wings, may be transported using heavy haul services.
    • Prefabricated Buildings: Large modular buildings and sections of prefabricated structures are often moved using heavy haul transportation.
    • Transportation Infrastructure: Loads related to transportation infrastructure, such as bridge beams, gantries, and overpass components, may require heavy haul services.
    • Large Tanks and Containers: Oversized tanks, silos, and containers used in various industries may require heavy haul transportation.
    • Heavy Structural Components: Large steel beams, girders, and other structural components fall under the category of heavy haul loads.
    • Agricultural Machinery: Large agricultural equipment like harvesters and tractors can be transported using heavy haul transportation.

    Heavy haul transportation services require specialized trailers, permits, and experienced drivers to safely transport these exceptional loads. The logistics involved in planning and executing heavy haul moves are complex and require careful consideration of route planning, road restrictions, and load securing to ensure the safety of the cargo and others on the road.

    Legend Transport can assist in planning out your heavy haul delivery for any domestic destination.

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